Monday, May 28, 2007

Just google us, my darling

A poem by Yohanes Manhitu

Like ants building houses before the rain comes,
I have spent hours constructing imaginary
palaces for you and me, my darling.
Whenever dreams bore you, but
you still want to see something
like a dream, just google us.
You’ll see yourself and me
smiling, but are motionless.

As you like beautiful words so much
and read every single line I write,
I have dedicated a thousand
nice words for you on the net.
When you’re hungry of words
but books seem old and heavy,
just google me soon, my sweetie.
And lines of words you’ll choose.
Like a man making home library,
I have been working day by day
to build a net library of my own.
Collections with your pictures
are the most favorable of all.
If you care to explore more,
google yourself, my dear.

Yogyakarta, 25 May 2007

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