Friday, August 31, 2018



A poem by: Yohanes Manhitu

The beginning was just a hello
accompanied by a plain smile.
No one was able to tell the sun
how time would make a change
by leading two hearts to a stage.

Time flew as it wished, really fast.
The two hearts began to take a test
to look at themselves in a big mirror.
They both enjoyed undressing in verses
and learned the fact of hope sacrifice.

They are now standing at two piers,
waiting for boats to two destinations.
One pure disciple; one pure vagabond.
Both love mystery, but detest betrayal.
Understanding was their true consoler.

I am the only witness; I take no sides.
I adore the disciple; love the vagabond.
Only God who may strike His hammer.
He is the One to turn a worry to a smile.
He is to grant the two hearts a paradise.

Tuktuk, Samosir Island, 26 May 2003

*) This poem is taken from my newest book, "A WALK AT NIGHT (Une promenade de nuit)", that has been published in Antwerp, Belgium, by Eldonejo Libera. The book is a collection of 110 life inspired original poems: 65 in English and 45 in French. Some of the French poems have won poetry contests in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta. The price of the book is $10.41. You can order the poetry book FROM HERE.

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