Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Image: Taken by the author

By: Yohanes Manhitu

Look, the night is falling now
on the lands never with snow
in the town in silence asleep
like a child stopping to weep.

I walk on the nocturnal paths
bathed in moonlight all alone
recalling when we were apart
treating ourselves like a clown.

The crickets are singing there
accompanying my short steps.
I wish you were here to share
the night beauty in all shapes.

But how can I hope to touch
the flesh moving like the wind
even in the dark with no torch
towards the ends I won’t find?

The time wheels keep turning
day and night, or in between.
There is no benefit of finding
who is dirty and who is clean.

I walk on the nocturnal alleys
in the moonlight just by myself
thinking of why having two ways
keeping each life in a distinct shelf.

Look, the night is on its way now
and the wind is too lazy to blow
in the streets in silence asleep
like a horn stopping to beep.

Yogyakarta, 9 March 2005

You're welcome to read more English poems at http://www.agonia.net/index.php/author/0007939/Yohanes_Manhitu.

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