Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Embracing the Wind

By: Yohanes Manhitu

Now I am standing here in a valley
looking at steep hills surrounding it, speechless.
I have named the valley "the valley of self-betrayal",
and the hills "the hills of suicide". That’s it!
I embrace nobody but the wind. Not bad!

In the dark clouds sweeping the valley,
I see a hypocritical couple in false harmony
marching with laughter towards the end of a kiss.
The man loves poison, while the woman loves honey.
Why should I sacrifice my mind for an inferno?

I know that I am still embracing the wind
And trying to persuade her to sing me a song.
Embracing the wind, I don’t break any human law;
embracing the wind, I can do it without self-betrayal.
As I embrace the wind, I am no longer a prisoner.

Yogyakarta, 2 July 2003

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